Choomi Cookies

Wonderfully chewy coconut cookies mixed, rolled, and baked by hand in small batches in Portland, Maine. Try all 4 varieties: classic Desert Island Coconut, Banana Chocolate Almond Rainforest Coconut, Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt Bavarian Coconut, and Maple, Oat and Raisin Northwoods Coconut.



Mass-produced cookies aren't worth their weight in dough. We think if you're going to treat yourself to a cookie, it should taste as good—nay, better—than homemade.

That's why we made the

Born in a kitchen—not a factory—our cookies contain no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, or GMOs. We mix, roll, and bake each one by hand in small batches, using a special recipe developed by creator and expert chef, Peter Zinn, at his restaurant in Portland, Maine. Only fresh, real ingredients come together to make a moist, flavorful Choomi cookie that will truly treat your tastebuds.