Customers would arrive first thing in the morning and buy the entire day's worth before lunch.

Peter Zinn, creator of Choomi Cookies

Peter Zinn, creator of Choomi Cookies

Since his early twenties, Choomi Cookie creator Peter Zinn has worked in restaurants from Northern Italy to lower Manhattan—including a stint as a pastry cook at New York’s famed restaurant Alain Ducasse. In 2006, following a whim (and a girl), he moved to New Orleans where he immediately fell in love with the city’s food, music, and people. Zinn brought that love back with him when he returned to his native Portland, Maine in 2009 to open  Po’ Boys & Pickles,  an authentic New Orleans-style po’ boy shop. Soon, Po’ Boys became a well-loved destination for locals and visitors to the Portland area, and it was out of the restaurant’s cookie case that the original Choomi Cookie was born.

The original Choomi Cookie—a soft and chewy coconut macaroon—was  a sensation from day one. Toasty on the outside, soft in the middle, and incredibly rich but not too sweet, the cookie was clearly the result of a culmination of  recipes and techniques gathered through years of experience in the kitchen. Customers would arrive first thing in the morning and buy the entire day’s worth before lunch. In late 2011, Zinn decided it was time to sell his popular cookie beyond the Portland sandwich shop.

Two years later, the Choomi Cookie is making its way onto store shelves and into the hearts (and mouths) of a wider audience. Try for yourself what we think is  the best cookie you'll ever taste, and join us as we add more kinds of delicious cookies to our line-up.